Things to do - general
Country Singapore
Area 716.1 km2
Languages spoken English,Malay,Mandarin,Tamil
Currency Singpore Dollar
Visa requirements Applications may be submitted by post or in person at the Consular Section (basement) of the Singapore High Commission from Mondays to Fridays between the opening hours of 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED Form 14A to be completed and signed by the applicant, and submitted together with the following documents: One recent passport-sized colour photograph taken within the last 3 months. Photograph should be in colour, must be taken against a white background with a matt or semi-matt finish. Image must show the full face and without headgear (headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide facial features) Original passport together with photocopies of the relevant pages (bio-data page, valid UK visa/residence permit in the UK, visa endorsement to your next destination after Singapore) Please ensure that, at the time of submission, the passport is valid for at least 6 months upon your arrival date in Singapore A photocopy of your return/onward ticket/flight*/cruise itinerary (*showing the flight numbers, dates of entry into & out of Singapore) Fee of £15.00 (exact amount) in cash or British Postal Order made payable to "SINGAPORE HIGH COMMISSION" [The High Commission does not accept payment by personal cheque, debit or credit card. The visa processing fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your application] Official translations of the documents are required if they are not in the English language. For Social Visit (visiting friends, relatives and for tourism), the following are required: Either Completed Form V39A (Letter of Introduction for Visa Application) The Letter of Introduction must be completed by your local sponsor who must be either Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident residing in Singapore at the time of application. A photocopy of your sponsor's Singapore Identity Card (both sides) is also required. Your sponsor must be at least 21 years of age and above or Documentary proof of hotel booking in Singapore A letter of introduction from your embassy to support your visa application will also be accepted if you are unable to furnish either (i) or (ii) For Business Travellers (attending business meeting/discussion/negotiation), the following are required: Completed Form V39A (Letter of Introduction for Visa Application) The Letter of Introduction must be completed by your local contact. The local contact must be a Singapore registered business entity. The person acting on behalf of the business entity must be either a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident Computer printout of the Singapore registered entity's detailed business profile (showing the names of all directors/shareholders) from the Instant Information Service, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and printed within the last 3 months If you are unable to provide a letter of introduction from a local contact, you may approach your Embassy to issue you with a Letter of Introduction to support your visa application A letter from your employer to certify your employment status and the purpose of your trip to Singapore For postal application, you are required to enclose a self-addressed, pre-paid [up to 500g] Royal Mail "special delivery" envelope, for the return of your documents.

Sports and nature

Close to 10 percent of Singapore's land has been set aside for parks and nature reserves, and the network of nature reserves, parks, park connectors, nature ways, tree-lined roads and other natural areas have also enhanced the sense of green space in the city.[49] This is a result of five decades of greening efforts, which began in 1963, when Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew launched Singapore’s first tree-planting campaign by planting a mempat tree (Cratoxylum formosum). The aim was to soften the harshness of urbanisation and improve the quality of life in the city.[50] This initiative was carried through into the 1970s and 1980s under the Parks and Recreation Department (PRD), which was renamed the National Parks Board (Abbreviation: NParks) in July 1996.


Nightlife If you are in search of a Santorini vacation that is anything but cultural, you will not be disappointed--most beach parties start as early as the afternoon. The numerous bars and clubs on the beach provide a perfect way to release pent up stress. Monolithos, Perissa, Kamari have great beaches, bars, chalets and camping. However, the best party beach hands down remains Perivolos.

Culture and history

Culture & history The culture of Singapore is a melting pot of mainly Chinese, Indian, British, and Malay cultures, and is a reflection of its immigrant history. Singapore was a part of British Malaya for many centuries. It was ruled by the Sultanate of Johor. In 1819, the British came to the Island and set up a port and colony. During British rule, the port of Singapore flourished and attracted many migrants. Singapore became part of the Malaysian Federation in 1962 for two years, and in 1965 it became an independent nation and a republic, which it remains today. Singapore has a diverse populace of nearly 5 million people[1] which is made up of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Caucasians and Eurasians (plus other mixed groups) and Asians of different origins, which is in line with the nation's history as a crossroads for various ethnic and racial groups. In addition, 42% of Singapore's populace are foreigners, which makes it the country with the sixth highest proportion of foreigners worldwide.[2][3] Singapore is also the third most densely populated territory in the world after Macau and Monaco.

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